CD Cover Size

Have you decided to make a cover artwork for your last music composition? Then you better learn CD Cover Size. This article is all about that.

The CD cover size accepted worldwide is as follows: 120 mm X 120 mm. There are other sizes of caps, but this is the most used one.

The years when our room was full of CDs are gone. We now have cloud-based storage areas. We keep everything in the cloud, that is, on the Internet. All the internet cables are underground if they call it a cloud.

Internet cables pass even under the oceans.

We used to keep everything on CDs. Movies, music, our recordings, games, software ... almost all digital products were on CDs.

But it is no longer on CDs today.

But that doesn't mean the story of CDs is over. The world is not progressing but expanding.

How did I get this idea?

Candles, for example, continued to be used after the invention of the bulb.

Or Plaques are still in use.

Go to a bookstore, there are still CD sections. These products are still in use.

You can access the movie you want on the Internet, but DVD versions of Fimler are still being made.

This is why you have to know the CD cover size. Because you will continue to design the CD cover.

If you are a designer, you will continue to receive CD cover design jobs. Maybe it will not be as much as before, but you will still get this kind of work.

If you want to use gradient in your design, I strongly recommend you to review this page.

I mentioned the CD Cover Size above. I suggest you comply with these figures while dimensioning your design.

If you have an interest in album covers, I would love to examine my page where I made the color palettes from album covers.

Ll, see.

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