Cover Letter Font Size

Are you writing a cover letter that you care about? Do you want everything to be great? Then I suggest you read this article that covers the cover letter font size.

The cover letter is the first point of doing a job. Set the font size from 10 to 12 points for a readable cover letter.

Cover letters are important. It is more important than you think. But their importance doesn't mean that you have to write 12 pages.

A short, explanatory cover letter helps you get the job.

Do not tell your life in these letters. Briefly talk about your value proposition. And talk about how to deliver this value proposition. Show your past work as collateral.

A very formal language causes dullness. A very playful language also looks runny.

Pay attention to establish the balance between. Remember, people read cover letters. So now people are reading.

Maybe companies with very advanced technologies may have started these reading jobs on machines. But at the moment there is no news on this topic published on the BBC.

Since people read these letters, it becomes important to touch a person.

Above all, the main factor for a letter to be great is that it can be read.

If you want, write the most wonderful letter in the world, if it is not read, it doesn't matter.

So what is the way to increase legibility?

Of course, the font. The cover letter font should be large enough to be read to you, but too small to be tiring.

Yes, as well as small articles, big articles benefit the eye. Well, size or size is determined by what. This is not such a complicated issue.

The distance of the reader determines the size. If you are going to hang a poster on the side of the road, the closest reader distance is 15 meters and the farthest reader distance is 100 meters.

You determine the size of your font by calculating this distance.

But since the distance of the reader is 30 cm for the cover letter, it would not be correct to use a very large font.

I mentioned the detailed cover letter sizes above.

Thank you for reading the article.

Finally, do not forget to use long letters with serif font and titles without serif font.