What is Discord Profile Picture Size?

December 9, 2019

Are you wondering about Discord profile picture size? In other words, discord avatar size... Then this post is for you. We researched and shared the right measurements. Scroll down.

Discord is a voice communication tool. But that's not the only service Discord has given these days.

I use Discord to chat with my friends while they play. Millions of people use it to do the same.

Default Discord profile picture size 128 px X 128 px. This is the upper limit of the largest photo you will upload. Discord can shrink this to you. This is the official avatar that Discord states.

But after a little research, I realized that I could also make video conversations in Discord.

Maybe the video chat feature has been in the software since it was first released. But I never realized it because I didn't need it.

That's how the brain works. The brain only sees what it needs. We only see things when we need them. Or we never see.

Another possibility is to see coincidence.

For example, remember the dinosaur that appeared in the Google Chrome browser? This dinosaur comes out when the internet connection goes.

I think a dinosaur is a deliberately chosen animal. Google, in a humorous language, likens the pre-internet era to the old age of dinosaurs.

It's a bit of a pretentious analogy, but it's still very bright.


If you keep watching the dinosaur instead of closing the browser page, the dinosaur begins to move. Or rather, the dinosaur runs like a maniac. I don't know why you're running. I think he's running from something, but we don't know what it's running from.

As the dinosaur escapes, obstacles come up. And we, the person on the other side of the screen, control the dinosaur with the help of arrows.

This is a simple game. When I first played, it reminded me of old arcade games.

Over time the game is accelerating. My record is a tiny figure. But if you search the Internet, I'm sure you'll find obsessive talents that break strange records.

I think this is the greatest tragedy of our age. You think you're doing something right, but you come across people who do much better on the Internet. This is a pressure that our brains are not ready yet.

Perhaps, the brain structure of future generations will evolve against the comparison environment created by this new instant order of information. But we have no chance — we 'il run out.

No, this article is not entirely critical. The Internet offers excellent opportunities.

Anyway, the arcade game I mentioned above, I noticed it by chance.

Now that you've learned the Discord profile image size, we're done.

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Have a beautiful day. if discord pfp size update we will let you know