Email Signature Size

Is it time to add a signature to the end of your email address? Here is the correct email signature size! Have a great day!

The recommended email signature size is as follows: 300 x 600 pixels. But it is also recommended to use smaller.

After reading a few articles about how useful the email signature is, I decided to make one.

First of all, your email signature will make you more professional. But it also has a more important contribution than looking professional. Signature shows who you are.

People like to do business with people they already know. It is always more attractive to work with an acquaintance compared to doing business with a stranger.

When you mail someone you never know, you are no one.

But thanks to the information you add under the mail, the person in front of you knows and maybe loves you. This can lead to the opportunity to do a great job.

This brings us to another subject.

What Information Should I Include in the Email Signature?

There is a debate on what to add to the email signature. But I think personal accounts should also be added.

I've never seen the advantage of dividing life into two, individually and professionally. Keep being someone who you are. Being different at work, different from your family is not a sustainable equation.

Therefore, instead of just putting your Linkedin account, maybe you should add your Instagram account.

A good photo and e-mail address should also be added.

However, it is very useful to add your social media accounts that you are active in.

Let's come to another topic

How to make an email signature?

I will go deeper into this issue in the future, but I would like to talk a little bit about practical ways here.

The basic thing you need to know to make an email signature is HTML and CSS. But turning to such a complex and time-consuming skill just to sign one is not right.

This thought is accepted by everyone.

Using automated email signers, you can make your own in minutes.

Here are some of them:

Signature Generator From Hubspot: It is a dead-simple signature generator you have ever seen. Here is the link to start to build one.

One of the innovative solutions in the market comes from Mailcastr. The main value of Mailcastr's offer is that tracking emails but the way to do this based on Signature.

So if you want to build your own, I shared with you to proper Email Signature Size.

If you want to read other size-related contents here is the main page.