Facebook Event Cover Photo Size

Have you decided to make a new event? Then you should learn the Facebook event banner size because it is very easy to manage an event there.

The recommended banner size for a Facebook event is as follows: 1920 x 1080 pixels. If you exceed this, your design will not look as you imagined.

When it is decided to make an event, specific tasks occur in the to-do list.

Regardless of the purpose, category, and location of the event, these fixed tasks are included in every to-do list.

So what are these tasks?

We are keeping the list of participants. To give information about the event. To inform the participants about the possibilities.

All three tasks require significant expertise. You need to know the software. You need to know the strategy.

But Facebook does all this work itself. All you have to do is announce your event to your environment.

And of course, pay a little money on Facebook.

The event can be held for everyone. For a brand. You can do events for a close friend or to celebrate a birthday.

Almost everyone is on the Facebook network. You have very few friends without Facebook or Instagram. Therefore, you can reach all your friends over this network.

So what is the secret of a useful Facebook event page?

Of course, the cover picture. I mentioned the Facebook event cover size above.

You can make great cover designs with tools that require very little information like Canva.

If you have above everyday knowledge of design, you can design one by looking at the cover image design inspirations.

I recommend you to examine the gradients on the home page for color palette inspiration.

I mentioned the Facebook Event Banner Size above.

if the FB event photo size changes, We will update the article

Good luck.

You can learn Facebook Event Cover Photo Size in this article.

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