Facebook Event Cover Photo Size

Are you thinking of organizing a new event? Then you need to learn about the Facebook event cover photo size. In this article, you will learn the answer to this question and more.

The most suitable sizes for this artwork are: 1920px X 1005px. With these measures, your Facebook event page looks great.

Facebook has changed the organization and event industry, as well as every other industry.

Facebook originally served one purpose. Write the names of our primary school friends and reach them.

Of course, our generation does not have such a problem anymore because we do not break our ties with our friends. We cannot even break our connections with those we need to fail because we have a Facebook account since primary and secondary school.

We have not been separated from any of our friends. As our age progresses, we are expanding. Is this expansion far beyond what our psychology can handle? Time will show that.

In the past, we used to enter the Facebook timeline and be aware of our other friends’ opinions and thoughts.

We take pleasure in following the signs of life from people we know. I don't know the reason for this, but I can say it exists.

Later, Facebook brought the messaging feature to the site. Thus, we could communicate with the people around us in the news stream and personally by instant messaging.

After these basic features, the Facebook event feature came. Facebook, which keeps people together digitally, has developed this feature to bring them together in real life.

People started to announce their birthdays and wedding organizations via Facebook event.

These were individual uses. But what kind of change has occurred in the lives of people who organized professional events?

Imagine organizing an event in classical ways. The only thing you can do to reach people is to hang your posters where you have permission.

To attract the attention of passersby and come to your event.

However, you have no idea how many people will enter by the day of the event. This is a precarious and unknowable way of doing an activity.

Here are the things you can do with the Facebook event:

After creating your event page, you can share the necessary information texts on the page. You can invite people to your event. However, you can easily reach the number of people you request who plans to come to the event.

I am not finished.

As the event approaches, you can reach out to people who will attend. When you post a post on the event page, you can be featured on the home page of Facebook users who posted participation in the event.

These are great opportunities.

If you design your Facebook event header size well, you can increase your event’s attendance rate. Because the main reason people go to events is actually to have a good time.

If your cover photo looks cool, you will make a good impression on people.

This is precisely what you buy by design. Good design means a good reputation.

In 2018, I prepared a page called PR for startups. Other software developers previously prepared this page. However, I designed this page very well. I made sure it looked beautiful. And in the end, I had more success than the pages before me.

I did not bring great innovation. Of course, I did not steal the information from my competitors before me. I created a broader list, but my design’s vitality rather than the variety of my resources brought me success. I know this very well.

I mentioned the Facebook event cover photo size above. For a correct design, you need to come up with a system in the right size. I suggest you include various information in the cover photo.

For example, if you include the event’s scope and date on the cover photo, visitors to your page will not have to worry about what this page is about.

Do not forget. People just think about what they have to think about. A complicated facebook event cover will only make you lose visitors.

My recommendation is to hire a design professional from a freelance marketplace site like Upwork. But if you want to design it yourself, you can also check out Canva.

However, if you don't have any design background, the Facebook event cover picture you designed will most likely look ugly.


I don't need to explain how the Facebook event cover image was uploaded. After you create an event, Facebook guides you in all details.

By the way, there is no need to worry about how to attract people to your event.

Because as you know, Facebook is a media company. Anyone who has money also advertises on his site. Advertisers reach their target audience for low fees.

Facebook provides particular advertising space for event pages. You can announce the event in various fields on Instagram and Facebook. My suggestion is the Instagram story ads. These advertising spaces, which are both very cheap and very useful, can fill your event venue.

If the Facebook event cover photo size changes in the coming years, I will update this post.

You can also view other size articles here. Goodbye.

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