What is Galaxy S4 SIM Card Size?

December 20, 2019

The Galaxy S4 is my first smartphone. Before that, I used a touch phone from Nokia, but it wasn't very smart.

The Galaxy S4, even iPhone 11 is not smart, but Nokia was too bad for that period.

Anyway, among the three types of sim sizes, the Galaxy S4 has a micro sim. Nano-sim is smaller, but in 2014 most devices did not have nano-SIM.

Galaxy S4 SIM card size is the Micro-SIM. Samsung has used the micro sim in its fourth generation galaxy phones.

In the following years, nano sim was used in the galaxy models.

What made the Galaxy S4 special was its robustness. It was at least as rugged as NOTE 4.

If you bought a new galaxy S4. When buying a sim card, you need a micro sim card.

Sim card sizes have different specifications. I think no. Almost all of them have similar features but I think high-speed internet supports nano sim cards.

When entering 2020 still do not say why use galaxy S4. The phone is still a nice phone and a lot of features enough for daily use.

Most of the features added to the phones are not added to our communication needs, but to distract us. I'm not saying that this is done intentionally and intentionally, but that is what happened at the end of the day.