Galaxy S6 SIM Card Size in 2020

December 18, 2019

Did you buy a Galaxy S6? And Are you wondering about your SIM Card Size? Here is the Galaxy S6 SIM Card information for you.

Samsung releases a new Galaxy phone every year. The Galaxy S6 was released in 2015. It's been almost four years.

There are three different SIM card sizes in the world. And Samsung put Nano size for its phone Galaxy S6. Thanks.

How fast time passes. Unbelievable.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 was equipped with a Micro-SIM. A year later, the new phone introduced in the Galaxy S6 Nano-SIM began to use. A big change in a year.

And in the following years, Nano-SIM continued to be used in all the phones it released.

Samsung is a South Korean technology brand. It is one of the best manufacturers of touch screen hardware after the Apple brand.

The Galaxy series is as ambitious as the other phone series is the Note series. I used to be a NOTE 4 user.

The phone was never a problem and the thought was never broken.

No, I'm not exaggerating. It fell several times but never broke.

When my phone dropped, I was telling people around me that it was my phone. You don't have to worry. It will not break.

I don't know if Samsung has kept the same quality on the new Note phones, but that series was really good.

I have mentioned the Galaxy S6 SIM Card Size above. Have a nice day.