Gmail File Size Limit

Did you receive a warning when sending files with Gmail? You have probably exceeded the Gmail File Size limit. In this article, you can learn the correct numbers.

The limit of sending files via Gmail is limited to 25 MB.

It may be wrong to think of Gmail only as a mail sending software. With Drive, there is nothing we can not do in Gmail. You can prepare slides, write articles, keep accounts in google spreadsheets.

Gmail and Drive are products offered by Google for free.

So how much is maximum attachment size Gmail?

Unfortunately 25 MB.

The reason for this may not be to affect Gmail's operating performance.

I have been using Gmail for almost 10 years.

I rarely exceed 25 MB, the file sending limit. Perhaps Google may have done some research on this issue.

In the results of the research, he may have noticed that the average file sending limit is below 25 MB and that a higher limit than this would be an unnecessary service.

So what can we do for files larger than 25 MB?

We can find an answer to this question within Google as well as other applications.

It offers 15GB of free storage in the drive service from Google.

You can upload the file you want to send to a folder you have opened in Drive and share the link of the file with the person you want to deliver.

It's that simple.

With Drive, the file sending limit is eliminated.

So is there an alternative other than Drive?

You can also use Dropbox with link sharing method.

At Wetransfer, this is a successful initiative focused solely on sending large volumes of files.

I hope I have helped you solve the problem you are having in sending files with Gmail.

I wrote a similar post in Outlook. If you are also using it in Outlook, I suggest you review the page.

Ll, see.

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