Google Form Header Image Size

Do you want to change your google form header image? You should know the Google form header image sizes for proper change. Scroll down to learn.

The best Google Form header image size is 1600 to 400 px. But you should add some margin to bottom while you are designing header image because at the bottom some static design elements appear.

The market for creating forms without writing code is huge. Some major players include companies like Jotform, Typform.

Of course, these companies are the first to come to my mind. If I did in-depth research, maybe I could find over 100 form creation companies.

Competition is great. But the need is also great. That's why everyone is trying to get a piece of cake.

Competition makes the product of better quality. Without competition, we'd have bad forms.

Even if you offer a great price, but you have a great product, things can get worse.

Because a big technology giant can decide to make your offer free of charge.

For example, the Spreadsheet and Docs service offered by Google has greatly reduced the sales of Microsoft's office products.

Because what Microsoft gives with the money Google gives free. Will this development bring Microsoft into a crisis? No.

Because Microsoft has enough cash to tolerate such losses.

Google does this kind of thing in between. Another free service is Forms.

Although there are many services in the market with money, Google provides the form creation service free of charge. This makes it difficult for other companies.

But benefit form services are also not finished yet. With new features like Logic, API, custom field, they are still struggling to make sense of spending money on Form services.

I am not against giving money to create forms. Because creating a form from scratch can be difficult. Even if it is easy, it is time-consuming.

I mentioned Google form header image size info above. Have a nice day.