Google Profile Picture Size in 2020

December 17, 2019

Have you decided to change your Google profile picture? Then you should know the Google Profile Picture Size metrics. You are the right place.

Many things change when you change your Google profile image. For example, your youtube profile picture changes.

Your Gmail picture changes.

The best profile picture size for Google is 180 x 180 pixels. If you add a larger picture, Google resizes it.

Everything changes and nothing is the same. But like one very nice thing, changing your Google profile picture also takes time.

You upload the photo and there is a small warning. Change can take time.


It takes some time, but in the end it changes. I changed it a little while ago. Found half day to be completely changed everywhere.

I don't know if Google is working to shorten this time, but it's been a long time. I guess I don't care.

While Amazon is more caring about matters. He's obsessed with delivering what's purchased the same day.

At Google, he cares about something else. For example, if you have one website and the click-through time is below average, it warns you immediately. But he doesn't warn you rude, he says politely. If you don't change it, you lose your Google ranking position. lose to lose.