Indian Passport Photo Size

Are you going to get a passport? Or maybe you will renew your passport. Either way, knowing the Indian passport photo size will make things easier.

Passport photo size may vary from country to country. But the Indian passport photo size is as follows: 51*51 mm.

We usually get ugly in passport photos. Or we think we're ugly. As a man, I think I got better on passport photos.

But women think the opposite of this idea?

You ask why?

Because women love to do their hair and make up their skin.

However, it can be inconvenient to do these in passport photos.

Since the face should be completely clear and distinctive, simple makeup can be applied.

Apart from that, it is not allowed to smile in passport photos. You need to wear a serious but not angry expression.

We do not use this expression in daily life. Therefore, the opacity of our passport photo may seem a little different to us.

Some like their appearance in the passport photo, others do not.

But if you are getting a new passport and you are a citizen of India, you need to print a photo to the extent I mentioned above.

You can carry out your passport issue with a photo of this size.

Just as the color of passports is different, the passport photo sizes may differ from each other.

I do not know exactly why countries do not follow a standard in such matters. Perhaps for security reasons, such differences are required.

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