Instagram Ad Size

Did you finally decide to go to Instagram ads? Here is the Instagram Ad Size information for you.

There are two different Instagram names. One of them is 9:16 upright. The other one is 1.1 square. Whatever you do with the pixel, your measurements should be like this.

Instagram is a social media channel that has been constantly changing since its inception.

It was originally a place where good pictures were shared. But more good lives are shared today.

It was the main medium of food pictures for a period. With the video limit being increased from 15 seconds to a minute, it has become a place where people follow the news.

Instagram ads are a great tool to try a new product and service in the market.

The most important condition of a successful campaign is a good advertisement design. If the design goes bad, thousands of dollars can be wasted.

Compared to traditional advertising channels, the price per click is very low. By spending $ 100 today, you can test your business idea even before the product comes to life.

The only advantage of Instagram ads is not cheap advertising access. As you know, the Instagram owner is facebook. Another company owned by Facebook is Whatsapp.

These three products are communication tools used all over the world.

Thanks to this power that Facebook holds, it can perform advertisement segmentation in a very detailed manner.

Cancer, if you want to reach 27-year-old ladies who are newly engaged and love to cook. You can reach them.

It has a very simple interface.

If you have difficulty, please contact me. I try to help you.

See you for now.

If you need gradient for designing your Instagram ads here is a great resource

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