Learn Eventbrite Banner Size

Every event needs a banner image. Every banner image should also have a measure. Here is the information about the Eventbrite banner.

Eventbrite's recommendation for banner is as follows. 2160 x 1080px Smaller sizes will lower the resolution.

You have gone to at least one event listed on Eventbrite. If you haven't visited yet, I suggest you go to the website and check out the nearby events.

Events are great environments to expand your environment.

Improving your environment is very important because when you start a new business, you start selling it to those around you.

Because you have just started your business, you do not have great marketing budgets.

But that's not the best thing about going to an event, it feels good to meet new people.

And even more beautiful, you can create your activity. For this, you need a great banner image. That's why you can design a great picture by following the banner I gave you above.

You can also use ready-made designs in Canva.

Good luck.

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