LG V20 SIM Card Size

Did you buy an LG V20 phone? Cool. But before making it live you need to learn LG v20 sim card size right? Here are all Infos.

The LG uses Nano Size SIM Card in the V20 model phones which supports 4g internet speeds.

Compared to its competitors, the price is affordable. You can buy it and you still have some salary.

But if you get an Apple phone, the situation won't be the same. Maybe there's nothing left of your salary that month.

This applies only if you live in a developed country. If you live in an underdeveloped country, you must review your salary for at least 3 months by buying an apple brand phone.

Despite all these mathematical facts, Apple phones are sold too much in undeveloped countries.

For example, apple increased phone prices last year. For the first time, They asked 1000 dollars for the iPhone x model phone.

American people find it ridiculous to pay such a funny figure for a phone. But people in undeveloped countries have already been paying for sacks for years.


I do not have the competence to try to understand the psychological causes of this behavior, which does not fit in a logical plane. Despite this, I tried to understand and it exhausted me.

Long story short, try the cheap alternatives to the phone you bought.

I mentioned LG v20 sim card size info above.