Learn Nexus 6 SIM Card Size

Did you get a new Nexus 6? Great. To make this device a real phone, you need to learn the sim card size of Nexus 6.

Like other brand new phones, Nexus 6 also support only nano SIM card. You can't use this phone with Micro SIM Cards.

SIM cards will soon be digitized. It could have been digitalized long ago. But the main obstacle to some progress is only habits.

It's not enough just to be right for something to change. The need for change is good for taking account of the change.

But change is a painful process. Most institutions, people may not be able to handle this change.

The new iPhone phones have a digital SIM card. When you go to a country, you can connect the SIM card of that country directly to your phone with a service like Airalo.

Next time I went to Ukraine with a phone without a digital SIM card.

I entered the retail store of a telecommunications company and bought a SIM card. I took out my phone's container. I took out the SIM card slot of my iPhone 6 with something pointed.

I removed the SIM card and inserted it. All this was exhausting.

But the virtual SIM card has changed completely and has become very fast. I hope that the physical SIM cards will soon turn into what we see in period films.