Normal Paper Size

There are a lot of abnormal papers on the market. The paper industry has expanded and diversified. If you are curious about the normal paper size, I recommend you to read this article.

Normal paper size means printer-sized paper. Its dimensions are as follows: 8 x 11 inches.

What is normal? Normal means what we're used to seeing.

So normal varies from person to person.

For example, for a person who is accustomed to making $ 2 million a month, it is normal to eat out every night or travel to a country every month.

This is normal.

You cannot convince this person to work with the minimum wage.

It is also normal for someone who works with minimum wage. He is afraid to try it, even if he wants more. He is used to the current situation he is in.

I think that philosophy is enough.

Let's go back to the subject.

What does normal paper size mean?

What we mean here are standard printer-sized papers that help us print from the computer.

So why is such a name found?

There is no use as a regular paper in literature.

But since there were thousands of people who took the wrong paper while buying paper for their printer, such a query name emerged.

"No! I just want regular paper. Please don't get rid of papers!"

We thought that the use of paper would decrease with the digitalization of everything. But there was no great change.

People's behavior is changing much slower than technology in general.

None of us need a wristwatch right now. We can all follow the time on our phones.

Some of us even stopped following the time.

It already flows so fast that we don't even bother to follow it.

Time goes fast. This is real.

Every year, time will flow faster than a year ago. Only memories will remain in this flow. Claim those memories.

Although hours are not needed, people continue to take hours. Marketers are now starting to show the clock as a marketing method, not as a need.

People also swallowed this bait.

So it would be foolish to think that no one would buy it because something is no longer needed. Because very few of our purchasing behaviors are rational.

We are not a very rational creature. But we do our best to be. I appreciate everyone's effort.

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