What is the Pokemon Card Size?

December 13, 2019

Did you decide to make your Pokemon cards? Then you' il need a pokemon card size. In this article, we have told you. Scroll down.

Pokemon is one of the most famous games on Nintendo devices. Nearly 300 million Pokemon games have been sold.

Was Pokemon just a video game? No. No way.

Pokemon is a cartoon that is watched by billions of people around the world.

In addition to its digital versions, card games have also entered the home of millions of children.

His main character, Pikachu, is at least as world-famous as Donald Trump.

In recent years, a game called Pokemon Go, using augmented reality technologies has been made.

The most prominent feature that separates the game from other applications; where reality and virtual meet.

With our phone camera, we were gathering Pokemon wandering around. It's almost the same as fiction in cartoons.

The game became viral in a short time, but there was a lot of demand, and when the user's needs were not met as quickly as needed, people started deleting the application.

Although it still has a high number of users, it is still not a very successful application.

Achievements in adventure, making your Pokemon card. Card dimensions areas I mentioned above.