Poker Card Size

Curious about your poker card size? This is exactly what we will cover in this article.

It has larger dimensions than Bridge size. Here are the dimensions that should be applied for the poker card size: 63.5mm X 88.9mm

If you design a deck that poker lovers will like, you have a chance to win millions of dollars.

I say this because I think he asked this question to design a deck of poker.

If you are curious about the dimensions for any other purpose, you don't need to take what I wrote above seriously.

Poker is a game that millions of people cannot stop playing. According to some, poker is not even a gambling game. It's just a strategy game.

The reason it is in the same category as other gambling games is that the money won and lost is money.

Of course, this is an argument that you need to think about a bit before taking it seriously. This argument was most likely made by a poker addict.

As with all addictions, gambling addiction produces meaningful reasons for maintaining addiction. This behavior is very common.

But isn't Poker gambling?

If you compare it to the Roulette game, you may be mistaken to have some control over the poker. After all, you can read people in front of you.

You can count the papers open on the floor.

All indicators support you in making a logical decision. But no matter how logical you make a decision, there are still closed cards. And you don't know how those cards are stacked.

You can calculate your winning percentage, yes, but you cannot reset your probability of losing. This possibility is always there.

If you want to get poker card design inspiration, I recommend you to check this page on dribble.

If you need color inspiration for your future designs, you can check the color palettes page.

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