Postcard Size: Ultimate Guide

Have you decided to go into the postcard design business? Then all postcard will be great for you if you learn your numbers. Sometimes the numbers also give creative inspiration.

In this article, we will examine all postcard sizes, but the smallest follows the dimensions of 4.25” x 5.5”

A new innovative product is entering the market every day. So what happens to the old ones? Although its use has decreased, some products continue to be used. One of them is Postcards.

Although important steps have been taken on communication, people still postcard each other.

In this article, we will examine all the different postcard sizes.

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I had written a post on the standard postcard size before. In this article we will process all other dimensions.

Other Postcard Sizes

4” x 6” Size Postcard

This measure is known as the standard postcard. You usually see these postcards in tourist shops in the countries you visit. I'm sure you've sent one of them for your loved ones.

4.25” x 6” Size Postcard

This measure is slightly larger than the previous measure and is made on thicker paper. They usually print event invitations on such cards. But recently they started printing all kinds of cards to make a difference. Review your next event invitation.

5” x 7” Size Postcard

This is the most romantic card on this list. This measure is generally used in wedding invitations. Apart from wedding invitations, it is also used as a wedding souvenir photo.

6” x 8” Size Postcard

Every business tries to increase sales by promoting. Making these promotions too often will only affect regular sales, but only for a limited period. This promotion information is generally made to postcards of this size.

5.5” x 8.5” Size Postcard

Many institutions organize training for adults. The content of these trainings is announced on certain cards. These cards are usually made with this card size.

4” x 9” Size Postcard

Restaurants sometimes go beyond their classic menus and make campaign menus. They also print these campaigns on certain papers.

If you have received such a design job, you can follow the measurements above.

6” x 9” Size Postcard

This measure is one of the biggest postcard sizes here. It is also used for a wide variety of design purposes.

6” x 11” Size Postcard

This postcard, which is generally used for touristic places and hotels, is designed to be produced in limited numbers and used for a long time.

Postcard examples for inspiration

Minimalist Postcard

A beautiful collection prepared with simple colors and minimalistic drawings. You can find the full list here.

Retro Travel

A free postcard template by Freepik. It is really great to be able to get great quality designs for free. A beautiful video is provided using retro colors.

Bold Caps

Another free postcard design. This is not retro. A beautiful postcard with a modern and bold design. You can download it by clicking the link.

Pastel Minimalist

Pastel colors suit every design. But it looks even better in postcard designs. And when these pastel colors are combined with meaningful words, emotions reach their peak.

Miami Summer

We never know what it feels like to be a Miami in the 50s, but here is a beautiful flashy postcard to guess.

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