Learn Poster Size Before Design

January 20, 2020

You decided to make your design poster. Great. Then learn the poster sizes for you. Because you will need it.

Most common poster size is 18” x 24”. This size is the most used poster size. Are there posters from the magazine when you were little? It was always this size. Cut them out of the magazine and hung them on the wall.

If you design a poster that cannot be printed in the printing press, this time you need to resize it. There are a lot of efforts during this sizing.

Decide on the size first to work more efficiently.

You have multiple sizes of posters. In this article, we will examine all of them.

24 ”x 36” and 27 ”x 39”

This poster size is usually used in concerts. At festivals or shows. Retail stores also like to use these posters for you. The posters that you usually see in their showcases are of this size. We can say that it is a dimension that the business world likes to use to promote its products.

11” x 17” Posters

This size poster is not outdoor. For indoor use. It is smaller than the other size. Since it is smaller, its design must be done accordingly. Its purpose is completely different. The previous design was to attract the attention of a passerby. This is used entirely indoors. Although they are used to attract attention, they often use them for information.