Powerpoint Slide Size

Need to convince someone? Then I think you will have to prepare a presentation. You can start by learning your Powerpoint slide size.

There are different PowerPoint applications, but Powerpoint is popular one. The slide page size is as follows: This is also 1024 x 768 pixels.

The way to make great presentations is to make too many presentations. The more presentations you prepare, the more experience you get. Experience also allows you to do things that you had difficulty at the beginning.

Speed ​​is a great measure of success.

Our brains focus their attention to solve these obstacles. The brain doesn't like to work. It is a lazy organ.

If you repeat an action for too long, the brain will no longer get tired while doing that. Because the necessary nerve endings are formed in the brain.

We can automate some jobs, but not others.

For example, writing would never be easy.

Because it is necessary to think about what you will write.

So why do you get bored when you try to write a story when you don't get bored while texting with someone on Whatsapp?

I do not know the exact answer to this, but there is a big difference between the blank of a paper and the response given to you in a message application.

Anyway, I want to go back before the subject goes apart.

Powerpoint is a presentation application installed on the computer of almost every plaza professional.

Anyone can prepare PowerPoint, but some people make great presentations.

Preparing a wonderful presentation has technical details as well as cognitive details.

For example, it is important to know the dimensions of a slide you will prepare. How can you make a great presentation without knowing the PowerPoint slide size?

No need to know how many steps there are to climb the ladder, but this is not the same thing.

It is important to know the Dimensions to better understand the slide design you will make.

In the meantime, when designing a slide for a presentation, I suggest you visit this page if you need a color palette.