PUBG Map Size

Now that you are curious about the PUBG map size, you are now starting to be a professional PUBG player.

PUBG map size is 6 km wide. This result has come out as each grid square means 1 km.

It is now easier for modern man to access games. You do not need to be a game freak to be aware of new games.

You don't even need a high-end computer to play a new game. Games are now accessible to everyone.

While browsing on Instagram, you can see a game video and start playing. You have become addicted to the game without even realizing it.

I am not someone who has an interest in games. But I started the games with the effect of the ads.

Weren't there game ads in the past? There was. But these advertisements did not have a big impact on me. Because wanting to play the game was not enough to play the game.

There was also enough hardware to play the game.

Realizing that equally high-quality hardware cannot be delivered to everyone, gaming companies chose to lower the graphics requirements of the games.

And so the gameplay rates of the games have increased tremendously.

This has not yet reached a level of satisfaction. It is not certain whether it will arrive soon or not.

This is how I met the PUBG game. I was playing PUBG on mobile-first. Then I installed it on my computer and it continued to play. Although I don't have a great gaming computer, I played the game very comfortably.

Of course, if I had a good gaming computer, I would be able to play better, but still, it was not bad.

I mentioned the PUBG map size above.

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