Quarter Page AD Size

Did you decide to advertise in a local newspaper? Great! Then you need to know something about "Quarter page AD size".

If you want to give a Quarter page ads as an advertiser here is the number you should know: 16 cm in width and 26 cm in length.

Although digital advertising eats traditional advertising, companies still advertise in newspapers.

I don't know if they're trying to dissolve their marketing budgets, or if it works.

Because even one in 100 of the targeting technologies provided by digital ads does not exist in traditional ads.

Although digital advertising seems to be more advantageous technologically, I think the prestige of advertising given to the newspaper is greater.

Because in one of your ads between two funny cat videos appear. The other is on the page of a well-established magazine.

Therefore, depending on the brand strategy created, the place where the ad will be served may change. For this reason, as long as the newspapers are published, advertising will be filled. And therefore, even though digital advertising enters our minds, traditional advertising will not end completely.

Did the shoe run out after the carpet was invented? No. We continued to use shoes because we could not lay carpets all over the world.

OK, I agree. It's not the right example, but I think it's funny.

You can find information about the quarter page ad size above.

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