Reddit Banner Size in 2020

December 19, 2019

You decided to change your Reddit Banner. And for this change, you need your Reddit banner information. Then slide it down.

Reddit was founded in 2005. One of the first social media channels. Unlike others, he prioritized democratic communication, not money.

There are three different banners according to their size in Reddit. For the large one, the number is 1920x384 pixels. 1920x256 pixel for medium and 1920x128 for Small banner.

They did not analyze user data to make ads more efficient.

They did not read users' messages.

They did not extract advertising data from his heartbreaks, happiness, pains, and diseases. He only tried to provide everyone with a democratic environment and established a strong network.

It is one of the most beautiful social networks in my eyes. And most of the things that are viral on the internet become viral here for the first time and then spread to the internet.

Reddit is a web site that puts social benefits at the forefront.