Soundcloud Banner Size

You're thinking of making a nice banner on your Soundcloud page. Then you're in the right place. You can find the information below.

The official Soundcloud banner size should be 2480 pixels x 520 pixels.

Soundcloud is a place where creators constantly produce and publish content. We can say the sound-oriented version of Youtube.

Many artists have come out of Soundcloud and have delivered their music to thousands of people.

Various alternatives to Soundcloud are also available. Every successful venture brings new competitors to the market. Here are some: Bandcamp, Audiomack ...

The list is extended, but most have not yet reached the community spirit of SoundCloud. This situation may change over time.

Even the famous entrepreneur Elon Musk broadcasts on Soundcloud today. That's incredible.

You can access Elon Musk's Soundcloud profile here. Emo G Records himself broadcasts under the username.

It's great that a man who runs a lot of companies to save the world has time to still make music and broadcast ...

So what do you know is the more wonderful thing?

Not having to deal with any record label to spread this music.

It just produces and uploads to Soundcloud.

If it is really good, the whole world gets the news. If it is not, it receives the necessary feedback to be good.

The internet is a great place. I don't know what I would do without the internet today. Another question is, what were people doing without the Internet?

If you want to make a SoundCloud banner image, you can use Photoshop. Or you can use it in a simpler application, Adobe XD (free).

But no matter how simple these two applications, a certain unit of information is still required.

If you don't have time to get this information and you need an urgent design, two options remain.

Do it yourself with Canva or hire a designer.

The most reliable place to hire a designer now seems to be Upwork. But in Canva, it offers the opportunity to make great designs for artists who have no experience.

The choice is yours.

If you constantly need information about you, I suggest you visit the homepage.