Standard Movie Poster Size

Are you a young director and you want to cover your movie? Then this article is just for you.

Although there are different sizes, the standard movie poster size is determined as follows: 24 x 36 inches

Movie posters tell a lot about movies. If you have seen a bad movie cover, the movie is also bad because if they didn't even try to make the cover, they didn't do the movie itself. The films of good directors are remarkable versions of reality.

This may be the opposite. Sometimes I turn to the covers of the good movies I watched. And I realize that movie posters are not that cool.

So if you want to know if a movie is really good, you have to watch that movie. Making an inference about the subject from the poster of the movie often causes you to be wrong.

Well, since we don't have a real judgment about the movie, what are movie posters for? It helps you understand who's been playing in that movie.

Yes, the people who play in the movies greatly affect the way we watch the movie.

We want to watch movies of people we know. But we also don't watch the movies of people we know.

We watch the movie, Leonardo DiCaprio. Because we know him. But we don't watch a movie about someone we've never met. But we also do not watch the movie of a person we know in real life. We see him as ourselves and because we are going to shoot a very bad movie, we think that his movie is also terrible. This thought relaxes us.

Otherwise, we will feel incomplete.


I would not want to further dissolve the subject. If you need color palettes related to your poster design, I recommend you to review this page.

I mentioned above the Standard Movie Poster Size measures. Ll, see.