Steam Profile Picture Size

Now that you want to know your Steam Profile Picture Size, you want to update this picture. Okay. Follow the article.

The steam profile picture is square. You already know that. The correct size is 184x184 px.

Steam Avatar Size

First of all, I don't want to start writing without saying: Nobody cares about your Steam profile photo.

I know you'll still spend time updating that photo. I just wanted to share this fact with you at the beginning of the article.

Perhaps one side of his brain is already aware of this fact, but another is trying to reject this fact. In fact, what is called life consists of the war of the parts of our brain?

As a result of this war, our other organs are injured.

Anyway, enough metaphor is enough. When I use more than enough metaphors in a post, I start to forget what the post is about.

If I forget the article as a writer, it is ridiculous to expect the reader to understand the article.

Let's talk a little bit about Steam if you want.

Steam Icon Size

I mentioned the dimensions of the Steam icon size above.If you want inspiration for the Steam icon, I recommend you to check out this beautiful Pinterest page. If you want to download a ready icon directly, the flaticon is a great option.You can access thousands of icons for free.

Where do you go when you want to shop for the kitchen? Not to the market? Yes, when you want a game, Steam is the place to go.

Just buy the game from Steam and install it on your computer.

You don't have to buy a cd and install the game on your computer like before.

If you look at it, there is not even a CD on my computer.

There is not even a USB port. I sometimes miss the USB port, but the presence of the CD port is not felt.

In the meantime, another piece of advice I would like to get from Steam is this: follow the discount seasons.

There are excellent discounts and you can get 8-10 games for almost 1 game price, but of course, you need to remember that. When you spend playing games, it will never come back.

Anyway, if you are interested in gradients, you can visit this page, if you are interested in this topic, you can visit this page.

See you.