Telegram Sticker Size

Do you want to make a sticker for telegram? Great! It would be great if you knew the telegram sticker size before the start.

The recommended telegram sticker size is 512 px X 512 px. It may be out of measure, but still, it should be square. It should be in the png format.

Instant messaging is nothing new. Instant messaging has been available since the early 2000s. But it is a fact that it has experienced a great change since 2000.

It became more reliable. Faster, more accessible ...

Innovative ideas that will enrich the dialogue have also developed with instant messaging applications.

One of the biggest of these innovative changes is undoubtedly emojis.

Emojis, which have emerged as a way to convey the emotion in messaging, have become the icons of our century.

Another innovation that follows emoji innovation is Stickers.

Some of my friends have stickers to fit almost any subject.

For this reason, the friend I am talking about no longer needs to form sentences. He turned into someone who expresses himself with a method of sending a sticker.

The telegram sticker size is a square.

It is important to prepare a transparent background. But this is not necessary for every sticker idea. I'm just saying it as a suggestion.

So why should we use telegram?

Because telegram is the only instant messaging application that does not analyze our conversations and use them to sell products.

This is important.

Telegram guarantees that the conversations are completely encrypted and cannot be seen by anyone.

Telegram's founder Pavel Durov is very sensitive in this matter.

Therefore, if you care about the protection of personal data, perhaps you should give up other instant messaging applications and prefer telegram.

This migration is not as easy as it is said. Because using your Telegram application alone does not mean anything. You don't need any apps to talk to yourself.

If all your friends are using other instant messaging apps, it becomes difficult to switch to Telegram. But Telegram will never be popular, even if someone doesn't take action.

This is an infinite paradox, and this balance of power cannot be easily broken.