Terraria World Size

The Terraria world is wider than you think. There are three different widths. Here is the Terraria World Size information.

There are three types of world size for Terraria. Small: 4200 blocks wide & 1200 blocks high. Medium: 6400 blocks wide & 1800 blocks high. Large: 8400 blocks wide 2400 blocks high

This game was released in 2011. By the year 2013, it had already sold 2 million.

For many game developers, this figure is a dream. Of course, there are more successful games. But it's a great sales figure for such a simple game.

Perhaps, instead of creating realistic animations, making satisfactory features is enough to make games cool.

If they had shown me this game before it went life, I'd say I wouldn't even sell 10 and I'd be wrong.

It is easy to make inferences about why you succeed after you succeed. But it's hard to make a consistent prediction before the future comes.

Even Terraria Twitch has close to a million followers. We're about to get into 2020, but it's still a popular game.

I have shared the Terraria map dimensions above. Good games.