Tumblr Banner Size

Want to learn your Tumblr Banner Size, then keep reading this post. Because we have examined this issue in all aspects.

The banner size of the suggestions by Tumblr is as follows: 3000 pixels x 1055 pixels. If you want people who come to your profile to follow you, pay attention to the Tumblr banner size.

Every social media site has very similar elements.

One of them is a profiled picture.

An Instagram account without a profile picture can be described as a fake account.

Fake accounts are not taken seriously. No account is taken seriously in any way, though.

Ask what you want to be to someone you see on the road and do not know, they are all Instagram celebrities.

Because social media makes it seem like being famous is accessible.

Nothing stops you to upload photos to Instagram.

You don't need permission from anyone to upload photos to Instagram. All you have to do is buy a smartphone and upload an Instagram account.

It's that simple.

But let's imagine that you want to program on television. For example, a program that you travel around the world. A great TV show.

To do this, you need to persuade a producer.

The accessibility of social media made it famous as if it were something that could be reached. But it's not accessible.

Even more difficult than before.

In the past, you only had to convince one producer. But today you have to convince everyone who will follow you.

That's why the Tumblr banner is important to you. Someone will come to your profile. Impress him with a beautiful banner photo so he doesn't go back when he comes.

If Tumblr header Size changes We will update the article.

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