Tumblr Gif Size Limit: Updated Limit of Tumblr in 2020

December 10, 2019

Tumblr is a company that brings gif culture to the internet. Or it noticed before everyone else that gif culture was coming. And he grew up taking this wind behind him.

Compared to Gfycat, Tumblr's gif size limit may seem very modest.

According to recent changes, in 2020, the Tumblr gif size limit is set to 3 MB.

But as gif size grows, site speed slows down. But that's not the only problem. Gifs over a certain length are no longer gifs. These are videos and have a great place to upload videos. YouTube.

I think it's right for Tumblr to set such limits to protect its culture.

Sometimes we see very famous sites have ridiculous limits.

These limits are usually put for a specific purpose.

But not always. There are some limits that it is almost impossible to understand.

For example, even in 2015, Instagram did not support HD pictures.

He had millions of dollars in his safe, but he didn't prioritize this problem. Maybe Instagram didn't even see it as a problem.

Compared to Instagram, the Tumblr limit is quite understandable. And it sits in the framework of logic.

Are there any unhappy users? Exactly. But that's the case now.

You can visit the home page for other dimensions of Tumblr and other size issues.