Tumblr Image Size

Want to learn Tumblr Image size? Great. This article is exactly about it. Although some points go beyond the subject, it is generally related to this issue.

128 x 128 px is official size of Tumblr Image size. These are the recommended image sizes. It can be smaller or larger.

Tumblr is one of the first social networks. If we were looking at twitter whatever happened today or running to Instagram when a video was viral, we were doing the same behavior for Tumblr.

But Tumblr could not go beyond a place where the creators put their drawings.

Of course, it can be advantageous or disadvantageous for everyone. Tiktok, for example, threatens Instagram.

I think TikTok threatens many other powers because it gives an ordinary person an excellent opportunity to express himself. It is not possible to find this opportunity in other social media applications.

All social media channels have created their gods and slaves. But TikTok treats everyone equally. It gives everyone the right to express themselves equally.

Anyway, Tumblr's image I have given you the information very clearly above. But it is worth mentioning again that these are ideal measures

Your images may be larger or smaller than these dimensions. No problem. It is pure intention.

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Ll, see.