Twitch Banner Size

If Twitch channel is getting bigger and bigger, you better learn to make beautiful banners. It is important that you also know Twitch banner size.

The right dimensions for a great twitch banner are 1920 x 480 px. Twitch banner is important for a great banner.

Twitch Cover Image Size

I mentioned the banner size above. Now I want to show you a few suggestions to get inspired before starting your design.




A place where twitch gamers and all game lovers meet. It is a very strong and loyal community.

The Internet caused two things to spread quickly, games and cats. And the internet is very loyal to two things, games and cats.

I have not seen a cat video watched by 10 people inside. Or I have not seen a game video watched by 10 people.

For this reason, a live streaming site designed exclusively for gaming videos has become one of the most popular websites in the world.

Maybe the same goes for cat videos soon. Maybe not. Cat videos are already occupying YouTube and Instagram sufficiently. How much more can things get involved, I don't know either.

If you don't know how to make a twitch banner, you can learn it in five minutes with this short tutorial. This video tells a twitch banner made using photoshop.

But if you never know Photoshop and it is not even installed on your computer, maybe you can use extremely easy systems like Canva.

The best part of Canva is that it also includes ready-made designs. So you can take a ready mold, customize it to your needs and create the Twitch banner in minutes.

Some of them know as twitch header size. But Twitch call it banner.

So How To Make a Twitch Banner?

This guide is made entirely using Canva. But if you use similar apps, the steps are similar.

1-Login To Canva


To create a twitch banner, you must first log in to Canva. Multiple input options are available. I suggest you log in with your e-mail address, but you decide for yourself.

2- Click the Create a Design button on the left

After logging in, you will see a screen with a lot of buttons. Ignore all the buttons. There is only one button you need for now. Click the Create a Design button in the upper left corner.

3- Search for Twitch banner

After clicking, a search field will appear. You can write what you want to design here. With a 90 percent probability, a ready-made theme will appear for what you want to design. We are writing Twitch banner. After making this search, we will see a blank template on the Original Twitch banner size.

4- Choose from twitch banner templates

One realizes that he loves beautiful designs only when they see an ugly design. So I suggest you choose one ready-made design from the left and customize it. Still, the final decision is yours.

On the new screen, we see free designs on the left and a blank canvas on the right. If you want, you can make your own design with the help of blank canvas design tools. But if you haven't spent enough time on design, your Twitch banner is probably right for you, but it will have an ugly design.

5- Export your design

After finishing your design, you can download it in any format you want. I recommend downloading jpg because Twitch is a website, the smaller the size of the images, the better.

In fact, you do not have to be so attached to the dimensions because Twitch makes the images smaller. Twitch does this because he is responsible for the performance of his site. But if you want to open a site yourself one day, you should make sure your images are small.

That's all for now. I hope it helped. See you.

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