Twitch Panel Size

If you are a good basketball player, your dream is to play in the NBA. What would be your dream if you were a good Video game player?

It may be opening a channel with more followers on Twitch.

Twitch is the meeting point of the world's most talented video game players.

The official twitch panel size is determined as follows. 320 x 100 pixels. It doesn't make much sense to make it bigger than this. Larger images are shrunk by Twitch.

When I was a little boy, I would enjoy watching my friends playing playstation. I thought only I enjoyed this action.

Twitch showed that I was wrong. Millions of people enjoyed watching as much as playing.

Game video watching trend first started on youtube. But youtube appealed not only to game lovers, but to a wider audience.

That's why Twitch was invented naturally.

It is the most popular among live streaming applications.

In general, live broadcasting features in social media channels are not welcome. For example, almost nobody watches live broadcasts on Instagram.

So why nobody likes live broadcasts?

Because live posts are made very ugly.

Because it is very difficult to broadcast live.

No user can make a live broadcast that people will continue to watch without using great decors and broadcast tools.

It is difficult to do this.

But Twitch is a popular website built on live streaming. Because their users usually take screenshots of the game they are playing. The games also have nice graphics.

I mentioned the dimensions of the Twitch panel above. Consider these dimensions when designing the panel.

If you want to use gradient in your design, you can choose from the ready gradient colors here.

Making a gradient from scratch is fun, but it takes a lot of time.

There are more than 400 gradients on the list. I'm sure you can find a suitable color for your Twitch channel.