Wattpad Cover Size

Have you finished your new book on Wattpad? If it is time to design a cover before publishing, here is the Wattpad Cover size information to you.

The recommended book cover size for Wattpad is as follows: 256 × 400 pixels. We suggest you design in these pixel sizes.

If you wrote a book in the early 2000s, what would you do to publish it?

You should have convinced one publisher. Otherwise, it was almost impossible for your book to reach the reader.

To convince the publisher, it was necessary to write on the subjects that the reader would buy. But we never know what the reader will buy.

If you are not a reputable person, the publisher will not easily print your book. But if your book is not published, you can never be famous.

It is impossible for a person who is famous in another field to write good books as well because writing requires expertise.

This paradox caused very famous authors to have a hard time in their early stages.

Many famous writers received numerous rejection letters before they published their first books.

The Internet has completely changed this system. There is nothing between the reader and the author now. You can write your book and deliver it directly to the reader.

This has led good writers to succeed more quickly. However, we have also seen bad writers go around too much.

We all have a lot of books in the house that we look at and take out but never read.

Why did we buy these books?

Because they had great covers

That's why you must design the cover of your book on Wattpad well. A poorly designed book is very difficult to read.

If you do not have any design knowledge, you can quickly create your cover using ready-made templates in Canva.

If you need color palettes to design your cover, you can look here.

5  Well-designed Wattpad Book Cover Examples

We learned the Wattpad book cover size. So is this enough for a great design?


Getting inspired before making a good design simplifies the creative process. The creation process is never easy.

It will never be easy to reveal anything. But getting inspired will help you where to start.

1- Cupid's Match by LEPalphreyman

Red is a strong color. It draws attention. If used wisely in book cover design, it will attract attention among thousands of books on the shelves.

Cupid's Match is a concrete example of the successful use of red.

A serif font and minimalistic icons. If you have chosen a red background, no more is needed.

But the red color cannot be used for every book. Use red if it fits the subject of your book. You can check out all the red colors on this page.

Cupid's Match was written by LEPalphreyman. You can read it here.

2- A Beginner's Guide to the American West by lydiahephzibah

On this cover, we see a good combination of photography and handwriting.

We don't know anything about the book yet. We did not even read a sentence from the book. But the cover tells us something about the book.

This book is fun and calm.

When designing your Watpadd book cover, do not didactically explain the subject of the book.

Talk lightly. Use metaphors. Readers will unconsciously learn about the subject of the book.

3- That's a Good Question by jnicole

The depth of field created by the photography gave the poster a share. Color usage is balanced. The book cover gives enough information about the subject.

4- All Good Things by rdracine

A book cover design in which colors are chosen correctly. Wattpadd is one of my favorites among book cover designs.

5- Dire by HecDaevis

A very simple and easy to implement the design. You do not have to be an experienced artist of 20 years to design such a book cover. Just find your opinion. A good idea can also be described in a simple design.

I mentioned the Wattpad cover size above.

Now it's time to dive into it

Cover Design Examples From Classic Printing Books

1- GingerBread by Helen Oyeyemi

It is not necessary to know 3d to create dimensions in the design. In this book cover design, the bird's movements are fed with fonts. The use of color also shows that it is a relaxing book.

2- Life Support: 100 Poems to Reach for on Dark Nights by Julia Copus

Some methods never go out of fashion by the design industry. One of them is, of course, the watercolor technique. Elegant icons are placed on the green background of the design.

Each of these icons is related to the subject of the book.

Making icons with watercolor adds a tremendous vitality to the book cover. You are likely to buy it after seeing this book cover.

3- by Nathan Englander

Sometimes the idea is so good that criticizing the design becomes arrogant.

I am afraid to criticize this book cover design. Because for the first time, I witness that a domain name is used directly as a book title.

4- Very Nice By Marcy Dermansky

Writing a book name with melting ice? This idea is truly incredible.

If you have such a great idea but if you design badly, the idea will be awful. But if you have a terrible idea, no matter how beautifully you design it, it cannot reach perfection.

What I want to say is find the idea yourself, but if you are not a designer, do not attempt to design your book cover.

5- Mind Fixers by Anne Harrington

As you can see from the design, it is possible to express an idea with lines only.

How to Design Wattpadd Book Cover? (for non-designer)

1- Go to

if you have not registered please register. Registration is very simple. You can do it.

2- Click the Templates button on the left

3- Write Wattpad on the resulting page.

Wattpad book cover will appear.

4- Choose a design.

5- It's time to customize the design.

6- Choose a free photo for the background from

7-Change to background

8- Change the title

9 - Change the font

10- Change the name of the file and download it as PNG.

Congratulations. You made your first design.