The list of pitch friendly tech reporters

last updated on January 5, 2019

Finding a technology journalist might hard but sometimes, your company's reputation depends on it. Covering news is the duty of journalist; however, if you reach unrelated journalist to cover your story, probably it does not work well.

How do I know?

I made the same mistake over and over again.

Life is short. The learning from other's mistake more proactive than doing your own.

If your company related to technology and seeking best tech reporters to reach, you are in the right place.

I made the list of high-quality tech journalists to reach out.

As you guess these people are busy.  A new company is popping up every single day with an offer which can compare with a miracle.

The things we can't image five years ago now possible with technology and the companies invest that.

And tech journalist desiring to cover companies which will change our lives in 5 years.

In the list I made, you can find the best tech reporters on the internet.

All of them has time to read a pith from founders. Reach them briefly. Do not overwhelm them lots of information. If you make them curious, they will ask more anyway.

Inspred from Mubashar Iqbal
Made by serhad iletir