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Anime PFP is a collection of beautiful anime profile pictures, with short description, and download link when necessary. Most of the wallpapers here are named properly so you'll have no problem loading them.

The main reason why people want to use these Anime Pics is because they want to represent their good taste as an anime lover. 

We have gathered some great examples from all over the web to give you a variety of cool anime profile pictures to copy. 

If you like these, share them with your friends and family before they’re gone forever.

Anime PFP

Why is anime such a big draw for people?

I'm sure everyone has asked themselves this question at some point in their life. Is it because the animation is well done? 

Or the characters are beautifully designed? 

Perhaps it's because the stories are so exotic that you just can't get enough of them. It could be, but probably not. 

The reason why we watch anime has absolutely nothing to do with any of those things. Why do we go so far as to emulate an entirely different culture from us? 

Well it's pretty simple really….FRIENDSHIP!!!!!!!!! There is a very natural and human side to this art. 

Anime history dates back to 1917, when the first Anime production was released in Japan. This style of visual entertainment soon started to gain momentum around the world, including in the East and West. 

Since then, Anime has only continued to grow and spread, and its influence is felt even in our day.

Anime Girl PFP ✅

Anime girls are a very specific sort of image. They’re beautiful women with the bodies of slim and petite young maidens, but they’re also usually heavily stylized. 

It’s that combination that makes them so appealing to otaku. You can see why they would be popular on social media profiles. 

There are also a lot of people looking for an anime girl to pair with their name or username. But where can you find the perfect anime profile picture? 

With all the options out there, it can be hard to narrow down your choices. That’s where this gallery comes in!

Female Anime Characters

These characters bring to life some of the most beautiful and delightful women this world has ever known. Her voluptuous body, her flowing hair, or even her large clothing and small body both make for a visual treat. 

Erza Scarlet

When Erza Scarlet is first introduced she is presented as the “most beautiful” girl in Fairy Tail. As the series progresses you learn more and more about her past, which is quite dark. 

I think she is located under the category of a main female character who actually starts as an antagonist, but ends up becoming a friendly person to the team.

Due to her history of caring for others, she develops a soft spot for children, especially orphans.

Kushina Uzumaki

Kushina Uzumaki is the second character to be introduced in the series, and my favorite. I can't really put my finger on it. 

The ease and skill with which she dispatched a series of three Sound ninja while heavily pregnant (and shortly after delivering) reminds me of myself when I'm at my best. 

Creative, powerful, focused, yet completely natural and unforced. Other characters may have more raw power, but Kushina has grace under pressure. She is also immensely kind and supportive of others around her.

Mirajane Strauss

A girl from the future, Mirajane has a great sense of leadership and a giggly, cheerful childhood. 

In addition to that, she has power over the element of Water along with her siblings, Mirajane's gracefulness and beauty is very attractive to all people. 

Her weapon of choice is whip and her power level exceeds everyone in Fairy Tail except for Makarov, Master and Jellal.

Akeno Himejima

Akeno Himejima is my favorite girl from HighSchool DxD. 

I've been in love with her for a long time now and she's definitely the number one reason why I started watching the series. 

She is voiced by Misato Fukuen, and her first appearance was on Episode Five of Season One.

Anime Boy PFP✅

Whether you’re a hardcore fan or just an tourist, getting the perfect anime boy profile picture can be hard. 

But there are so many cool characters out there. It’s hard to pick one. Well I’m here to help you and make it easier in your search for the perfect Anime Boy PFP.

Male Anime Characters

Forget what you know about anime. 

For every cliched tsundere like Haruhi Fujioka or every harem-obsessed panty dropper like Tsukasa Ayatsuji, there's always one character that breaks the mold of your perception. 

It has morphed into more than just a medium for Japanese animation from Toei to Disney. 

To be honest, these male anime characters have become so popular amongst the internet community in the last few years to the point where they've solidified their places in pop culture.

Naruto PFP ✅

The story of Naruto Uzumaki takes place in a fictional universe where the countries of Earth have achieved world peace as a result of an alliance, and evil has been all but eliminated from the world. 

The main character is Naruto Uzumaki, an energetic ninja-in-training from the fictional village of Konohagakure (Hidden Leaf Village) who wishes to become Hokage, the leader of his village. 

Karma Akabane

Karma Akabane is an anime series with an original story and character designs by the talented Hinata Takeda. This is a story about the Karma family, who have supernatural abilities. 

The first novel was released in 2006 and since then 25 novels have been published, which were later adapted into manga. 

The main character of the Karma Akabane anime is Akabane Karma, a 13-year-old boy who can see aura spirits. He and his family are called The Healers who travel the world curing people for free using their paranormal abilities.

Levi Ackerman

If you’ve ever watched the popular anime series, Attack on Titan, you are already a fan of Levi Ackerman. Levi is one of the characters in the show who sports a black overcoat that’s tied at his waist. He has long jet-black hair and pale skin.

Kakashi Hatake

He was one of the first three characters that were created by Kishimoto during development. Kakashi Hatake is the leader of Team 7, the group of ninja that handles missions more difficult than those given to the regular teams. As a child, Kakashi is kidnapped by Orochimaru and has nearly his entire body taken over by Orochimaru's cells; he is kept under surveillance as a case study, but eventually escapes to join Konoha's Root.

Haruka Nanase

No matter how much talent Haruka Nanase has, the others around her are just as talented. They teach her so much, but she still tries to do everything by herself because of her determination and strong personality. 

Everyone, including our main character, is affected by her kindness. The other characters have their flaws but aren't bad in any way. This makes the anime believable throughout. As a result of reading this review you will know why this anime is worth watching even if you're not into sports animes. (hint: It's not about sports

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