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Want to create a synchronized video to an audio file? Then this audio visualizer tool is just for you. Just upload your audio file and click the play button.

After the 2000s, music production has increased tremendously compared to the music produced throughout human history.

With the help of technology, it is not necessary to use real instruments to store and combine different sounds.

With the help of audio mixing software, artists can record their voices and make music at home. Big budgets are no longer required to make music. However, this still doesn't make anything easier. More affordable doesn't mean it's easier.

Audio Visualizer

Advancing technologies just eliminated excuses. If you like to make music, you have everything you need to do what you love.

You can express your emotions with sounds with the help of a computer, microphone, and internet. Don't you have the tools I listed above?

Then start right away at a fast-food restaurant. By working for a maximum of two months, you earn cash to get the technology you need.

This time may decrease or increase, but as a result, you will have the tools you need.

The increase in music production statistics can be shown as proof of the positive conditions I mentioned above.

If you want to visualize the song you made, you can use the audio visualize.

I talked about the advantages of the age we live in. What are the difficulties of living at this age?

Although technology makes our lives easier, the element of competition also emerges. Especially the music industry is one of the areas where this competition is felt strongly.

According to the figures announced by Spotify, the number of songs that have been uploaded to the platform and not listened to is about to reach a million.

Make the next hit if you want, and you will have to make a great effort for people to notice.

You can work with managers for this, but learning to do your PR is very important.

In the past, there was less competition because music was harder to produce. But because it's easier today, it's harder to be visible among millions of artists.

Of course, if your goal is to be visible. This is really a contradictory issue. If you enjoy doing something, the discretion of others shouldn't matter.

Unfortunately, that's not the case.

Although we enjoy doing it, it is very difficult to continue without a sense of appreciation. This situation is not only valid for the music industry.

If Jerry Seinfield wasn't successful. Would he continue to make people laugh at a bar today? We can never know the answer.

We got to know him maybe 10 years after he started doing it though. So he already enjoyed it before he became famous. If his goal was to be famous, he would have quit being a comedian long before.


This article has advanced from the audio visualizer to the history of music.

I want to go back to our topic again.

If you have developed a song and want to post it on youtube with a low budget music video, the simplest way to do it is to use this audio visualizer tool.

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