Capacitor Symbol & Meaning

September 21, 2023
The electric circuit is a basic principle in electronics. Imagine if I say capacitor symbol, what are the following things that come to your mind? I’m going to assume you think of a place for storing an electrical charge (that symbolic look) and it’s a little container for electricity flows.

When searching for capacitors, the symbol is important. Now that you have the capacitor symbol, you need to understand how it works. 

Both the positive and negative terminal are identified with a plus or a minus sign. In other words, there is no difference where you connect the capacitor when it comes to polarity. 

Capacitor Symbol

This is essential information when it comes to identifying a resistor.

This is one of the simplest electronic components, but it can pack a substantial amount of charge in a tiny package! 

To represent such a large amount of stored energy, the capacitor uses the same basic symbol as that for an atom: two curved lines representing the negatively charged ends of the nucleus and two straight lines representing the positively charged protons.

Electronics has been there since the beginning of man. In simple words, Electronics is an observation and uses all the elements of Physics. 

It is all about manipulating these elements to build something mechanically that can do something, by means of communication, human being interface (any form and devices that are sensory).

Polarized Capacitor Icon

Polarized Capacitor Icon

Polarized capacitors are often used in circuits where AC and DC can interfere. These capacitors help in handling of the interference to some extent. 

There is a specific positive (+) and negative (-) polarity of each capacitor. This polarity should be kept in mind as they are very crucial when they are planning to be incorporated on a circuit board.

Variable Capacitor Icon

Variable capacitors, also known as "varicap diodes" or less commonly as "variable C diodes", give the ability to change the capacitance in a circuit. Voltage fed into their leads permits control of the capacitance, which varies with the voltage.

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