CC Generator: Random Credit Card Number

The CC Generator is one of the best random credit card number tools.. It’s simple, easy to use and provides valid random credit card numbers with a click of button. 

That’s what makes it such a great tool for ecommerce sites, creating multiple accounts for testing purposes, or even if you want to have a backup credit card number to keep in your wallet at all times.

Do you need a bunch of fake credit card numbers for use in software testing, credit card validation, payment processing, data mining etc? 

Do you want to generate random credit card numbers but don't know how? 

Using some randomness algorithms and PHP programming language, here we are going to make a program that will generate valid-looking 16 digit credit card numbers on the fly without actually getting us any information about real credit cards.

Why Do You Need a CC Generator?

There are several reasons why you would need a new credit card number. Maybe you want to create a payment card for a test purchase or you need to change your credit card information for subscription services like Netflix or Spotify. 

There are other times when you want to populate a field with a valid-looking credit card number on your website or in an app. The CC Generator is a free tool that does just that and more!

Credit Card's History

Although credit cards may be the most convenient way to pay for your shopping, it is important to know how they evolved over the years. 

The modern credit card was created in 1950 in New York. It featured a gold VISA logo with "Charge It" printed on it. 

By this point in history retailers were already accepting many different types of cards, such as baseball team credit cards.

If we are to look at credit card evolution, we have to start at the beginning. Ever since the first payment system was created in the 18th century, payments were made by cash or barter system. 

Fast forward to the year 1960s, plastic money came into being and it caught on like wildfire. Today one of the best payment systems is the credit card.

Do You Really Need a Credit Card? 

The short answer is: no, you don’t. 

You don’t even need a debit card, either. 

Without swiping your credit or debit card anything you want can be bought online. 

So if you choose to not have a credit or debit card you will be forced to stop spending your money on totally non-essentials but that is not the only advantage.

On my journey to financial independence and early retirement, I've often wondered when (and if) you need a credit card. 

A lot of talk has been going around lately about how you can live without a credit card and whether or not it's possible. 

Once upon a time, I would have agreed with the saying that you can "live off credit cards." 

However, nowadays it seems like American culture is built around access to credit cards and the use thereof. And that's not necessarily good for your finances long-term .

Why You Need a Credit Card Number Generator

There are many reasons you might want to create fake credit card numbers for personal use.   One scenario is when you’re shopping online and need to test the waters. 

Unfortunately, sites like Amazon have been known to outsmart savvy shoppers by rejecting scenarios such as testing with a zip code that doesn’t match your card’s billing address. 

If you shop online, particularly on Amazon or eBay, and find yourself needing a quick solution or not sure which is the best option for what you're looking for, we're here to help and will never charge you any fees.

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