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If you are wondering how fast you can click, here is a click counter tool that helps you discover your limit. If you like this tool, do not hesitate to share it with the world. 


This click counter tool helps you to learn about your hardware limitations. 

The average video game player can shoot more than 200 clicks per minute. Today, it is the speed of their fingers that distinguishes good players from bad guys.

Although game intelligence significantly affects success, the game industry is dominated by the fast one.

The gains in the Video game market today are more than almost all game industries combined.

Soon we can see famous gamers like Ronaldo and Messi making million-dollar deals.

At the moment, gamers are not earning their money yet. Yes, they make money, but their earnings are ridiculous compared to the cash Lebron James makes.

Click counter

Football and basketball were not very lucrative games in the past. Over time, the matches were broadcast on televisions, and jersey sales peaked. This made athletes rich individuals.

The same development process applies to Gamers. World-famous rich gamers will soon be born.

Anyway, I don't want to deviate too much from the subject. I give this brief explanation because you think no one cares how much you click in less time.

Fast fingers can turn you into a famous actor.

No matter how fast your fingers are, your click speed will not reach good points if you don’t have enough hardware.

No player is connected to the game with ordinary computer hardware. Maybe the right gear won't make you a significant gamer, but the wrong equipment can overshadow your skills. Computer hardware for gamers has become a billion-dollar industry.

Some companies produce mice and keyboards that are only suitable for the use of computer players.

I've never been a big player. I don't have a great interest in computer games. The biggest obstacle to my claim is that I don't get anything in return for the time I spend on the game.

However, experts say that playing games contributes significantly to intellectual development as long as it does not reach the addiction level.

It is challenging to enjoy being a game and not be addicted.

So why are games so addicting?

Because they serve instant and accessible pleasures, for example, you want to start a business, you have to work day and night, and it takes at least half a year to get your reward.

Instead, you can enter the PUBG and get a sense of achievement within 15 minutes and feed your reward.

While this may instantly make you feel good, it makes you feel exhausted in the long run.

But there is something strange here.

If you are not a professional basketball player, but you play basketball for 4 hours a day, nobody considers you a game addict. Because at the end of the day, it is seen as a sport.

However, a person who is not a professional video player is being prosecuted for playing too many video games.

Even though the video game develops motor intelligence, hours spent inactive in front of the computer will harm the body. While movement gives happiness, inactivity can cause depression.

Long story short, the gaming industry is growing wildly, and people who play these games well are not yet respected. I hope this will change drastically in the next ten years.

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Spacebar counter is a popular challenge on TikTok. I don't know how many people will continue to do this challenge, but it is trendy. Thousands of people use this tool every day.

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I try to keep my product development process as simple as possible. In my first version, I only add the necessary features to my software.

I experienced losing time by adding too many features without bringing a software product to the user in my early 20s.

Users may not care about the features you like and spend hours on.

So how to use Click Counter?

All we have to do is click. The computer records every click. If you want to start from scratch, just refresh the page.

You will see a refresh button at the top of the browser to refresh the web page. By pressing that button, you can reset the counter and begin a new click speed test.

It's that simple to use. There is no margin for error. If you think it counts much less than you clicked, you can contact me, and I check. 

But most likely, there are no errors in the software. This is the best part of the software. If you try to count your clicks yourself, you will make mistakes even up to 100. Humans are much less successful than software at performing simple tasks.

To be precise, the software thinks very fast and is stupid, but a person feels very slowly but is intelligent. This definition belongs to Jack Ma, founder of Ali Baba company.

Indeed, this sentence summarizes my thoughts on the relationship between man and software. You can't tell someone to count their clicks and trust their results, but you don’t know software to do complex tasks.

Many complex tasks are assigned from humans to software, but humans still do a multi-dimensional but straightforward complicated job like peeling potatoes.

Perhaps a potato peeler was developed and released while I was writing these sentences.

We are in the age of discovery. A new product is launched every day. An ordinary individual is overwhelmed with thousands of innovations. The variety of products that make our lives easier actually also makes our lives difficult.

I think we should prioritize the work on innovation.

The events of 2020 confirm this proposition.

If improvements were made to prevent viruses and epidemics as much as the money spent on developing a smartphone container, perhaps the lives and economies that hit the Coronavirus today would not affect millions of lives.

The budget for this age of innovation can be used to solve more critical problems.

One of the most obvious problems is that fossil fuels’ use does tremendous damage to the world in the long run. However, the end of fossil fuels will come at some point.

Linking energy production to fossil fuels is not sustainable in many ways. Therefore, investments in sustainable natural energy methods are precious.


I hope you enjoy the Click Counter tool. I am aware that the subject is a little messed up. Since the topic of software is tremendously connected with other issues that concern the world, it is much more challenging to keep the subject stable at one point.

If you have other needs for click speed testing tools, you can let me know from the contact page. I put a lot of effort into uploading new tools to my website every week.

See you for now. Bye.

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