Copy and Paste Symbols: A Collection of +300 Pieces

If we added all the symbols to the keyboard, it would be 10 times larger than it is now. I have prepared a collection where you can copy and paste symbols you need.

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Triangle symbol

Triangle symbol icon

The triangle symbol is the most essential symbol in geometry. As it is employed in a variety of ways (both positively and negatively) in geometry, we need something to represent what we mean by ‘triangle’. 

And thus, the triangle symbol has been devised to serve as a label for triangles, as well as all the other basic figures that geometry deals with, such as quadrilaterals, pentagons, hexagons and so on.

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Parallel Symbol

A parallel may be described as a line that never meets another line and the two lines continue indefinitely without converging. 

A line segment drawn through a pair of parallel lines forms other pairs of parallel lines, with equal intervals between all corresponding points. 

Now, this sounds like a theoretical definition. So, let’s see an example of such a figure in Geometry by some examples and illustrations.

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There are many symbols. Even written history started with these little icons. Words are inventions of modern society. In the prehistoric period, communities kept their records with symbols.

But within 100 years we invented words. Yet we still use symbols. Some we need, others we just use for fun.

However, in the last 15 years, our rate of using symbols has increased significantly compared to the previous 10 years.

There may be more than one reason for this change, but the main one is obvious: the Internet.

Before the Internet, our communication was face to face. However, with the development of communication technologies, the prices of advanced technology equipment have become cheaper. Mini equipment that ordinary people can afford has become widespread and our communication habits have started to change.

Even though our language and words are still strong, we started to need more symbols in instant written communication.

In the 2010s there was no longer any need for texting. Every phone had a front camera. Video conversations could be made. However, people found texting more comfortable.

And video chat has not been that popular.

If you need symbols while messaging, you can click on the one you need in this list to copy it.

Copy and paste symbols will make your job easier.

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