CPS Test: Discover How Many Times You Can Click in 10 seconds

The click speed test is one of the oldest test on the internet. If you want to know its limits, the CPS test can help.



Before dive into it, I want to explain what the CPS test is. It is also know CPS counter.

In its simplest definition, this tool helps you measure how many times will click in 10 seconds.

If you think why you should use such a tool, this page is not for you because people who are curious about the click speed can find this page due to their research on Google.

They already know why they need to measure their click speed.

To give a summary, competitions such as Spacebar Counter are held in Tiktok. The click speed test is also among the Tiktok competitions.

However, CPS test has other uses. For example, software developers can use this tool to counter for their products. Software developers need to develop their products appropriately for any use.

It can also discover the performance of the buttons it designs in the product with such tools.

Another group that uses this product are gamers. Gamers who can click more in less time will leave the herd. When we examine the more successful gamers, we observe that their hands are faster.

They also enjoy using this tool to measure their speed.

There are certainly ways to use other than the two scenarios I described above. 

If you like this tool, I suggest using my other favorite tool: Double Click Test

Large companies that manufacture hardware also measure the click speed of their products. I have never seen an advertising slogan such as "If you buy this product, you will make 100 clicks per second," but hardware manufacturers must still do these tests.

So How Does GPS Test Work?

The click speed meter tool works very only. All you have to do is click the click button. Once you click it, you activate the timer that counts down from 10 seconds.

The timer moves backward from the top 10. Below it is the click area. Below that, the number of clicks appears. When the 10 seconds are over, the average click comes out. If you want to rerun the test, just click the Restart button.

In the following days, I am thinking of adding features such as share the result. However, this is all about the product's functions for now. I didn't want to add too many features to get started. The biggest fear of a software developer is to spend hours on features that the user will never use.

Soon after users start using this product, they will offer valuable ideas on how to improve it.

I think it is the healthiest method to advance the product development processes through these ideas.

It has recently added a video sharing feature similar to Instagram TikTok.

Instagram did not find this feature after long weeks of research. He watched Tiktok. He saw Tiktok being used by billions of people. And it copied TikTok’s swipe up video watching feature.

However, unlike Tiktok, Instagram restricted these videos’ length to 15 seconds, named Reels. But there is something strange here.

The video length in the Instagram story feature is already 15 seconds. How did Instagram plan to make a difference by pulling a video sharing feature that Tiktok limited to one minute to 15 seconds?

Because users can share the videos, they will communicate within 15 seconds with the story method. He could also diversify the reel’s content by giving the story viewing feature vertically instead of horizontally.

I do not know.

Instagram has become increasingly complex to use. And it started to lose interaction. I hope it can do A / B tests correctly and provide a friction-free user experience soon.

If you remember, it took the Instagram story feature from the Snapchat application and doubled its popularity.

So why exactly am I telling you all this?

I plan to improve my CPS Testproduct according to the user’s feedback and avoid unnecessary energy waste.

This is not just for software developer products. Including user experience in all kinds of products and services in product development processes will save you a lot of money.

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