Days Between Dates: A Simple Calculator

Do you want to learn days between dates? Then it would help if you had a date calculator. The tool below is just for you.

Sometimes we set goals for ourselves and select a date for those goals. It can be challenging to calculate how many days are left until this date. We all know basic mathematical formulas.

We have been performing basic operations such as multiplication and division since primary school years. However, we still find it challenging to calculate the days between dates.

One of the reasons for this is that each month has different days. Some months have 30 days. Some months have 31 days. February has a different number of days each year.

Calculating the dates is backbreaking work. The job of the people doing this job is critical.

When we wonder what day of the month we are today, we open it and look it up on the internet. Even when we open the screen of our phone, we can easily see the date.

But if we were living in a world like Walking Dead, it would be impossible to calculate what year we are.

We do not calculate which day of the month or even which year we are.

Someone is calculating the dates for us. And I think this is challenging work.

Order in the world exists thanks to experts who solve challenging problems for us. These deserve a huge thank you, but we don't even know their names. I thank all the anonymous heroes from this blog post.

I realized how difficult it was while I was developing this tool.

With the Days between dates application, you can easily calculate the number of days left to your target.

Achieving big goals depends on what you do in a 24-hour day. Great success doesn't happen in a day.

We can accomplish great things by performing tiny tasks every day.

I want to talk a little bit about how the date calculation tool works. Let's say you have a goal of losing 5 kilos. You set three months for this. Fantastic. Three times 30 is 90 days. However, this simple calculation is only possible if you are on the first of the month. And it's not quite right. Because as I mentioned above, each month does not have an equal number of days.

Let's assume today is November 12. When you add 90 days to the top, it becomes February 12. Please enter the first date of the start date and the second date for the end date. The result will likely not be 90 days.

I created this example to show that calculating the date between days is not as easy as it seems.

I hope you agreed with me. Such date calculations require cognitive effort. You must use a pen and paper. However, you no longer need to spend that mental effort. Because it takes seconds to calculate the days between dates thanks to this tool I developed. All you have to do is mark the start and end time and press the button.

And you can put your cognitive effort into solving more critical problems. This is precisely the software's philosophy: develop simple solutions to difficult problems and give us time to solve more difficult problems.

Was it difficult for me to develop this tool? Partially yes. It took me more time than a simple math problem. However, once this tool is developed and published on the internet, millions of people's lives will become easier. Knowing this is truly a great reward for me.

Well, what other purposes can the date calculation app be used for? The possibilities are endless.

For example, you will present for a company event. By entering the event day, you can see how many days are left until you have an exciting presentation. With this information, you can make your job easier by spreading the tasks you need to prepare the exhibition over the days. Remember, big things are possible thanks to the functions you divide into small parts.

At least I've accomplished great things over the years by breaking down my tasks into smaller parts.

Similar advice is given in the book Get Things Done. The Pomodoro technique is another way to implement this system.

Many people give the same advice on various issues. Divide and conquer.

My last sentence might sound offensive, but I don't have to put an emoji at the end to understand that I'm joking. :)

Or let's give another example. I usually prefer to give examples from everyday life to show how important it is to calculate the days between dates.

Let's say you are a high school student. And he has an exact date for his university entrance exam. Knowing how many days you have to reach that day will help you work more efficiently.

I want to give an example from my own life. I get web development jobs to pay my bills. Usually, there is a date in the customer's mind for the completion of these projects.

While talking on the phone or the internet, the customer gives the due date. Before he finishes his sentence, I calculate how many days remain until the day he specified.

I distribute what I have to do over the days and give my answer to the customer.

Yes, I can deliver this job on the date you specified, or sorry we need to push the date a little further.

Sometimes I mention this in projects where I can finish before the customer deadline. It is possible not to specify. Because considering that I am paid hourly, the time until the deadline after completing the project means free money.

However, since my reputation is at stake, I prefer not to go to the dark side. After all, honesty is essential for a sustainable business model.

These are the examples I will give for calculating the days between dates. I'm sure you will use it for a very different purpose. However, the main problem we all want to solve is obvious. It is also calculating dates.

I made this simple calculation tool as simple as possible. To use a more accurate word, I made it minimalist.

Because it was important not to make a cool design, but to give correct results, sometimes I see sites that make cool designs on the internet. Yes, they look cool, but I have to put in a cognitive effort until I find what I'm looking for.

If you are developing a product for screens, the coolest thing is that it is easy to use. Forcing the user to put in cognitive effort means losing the user, and nobody wants it. Every software developer wants their users to use their products more.

Although I made this tool as simple as possible, I know there are still issues I need to improve. For this reason, I look forward to any feedback from you. If there are features, you would like me to add, please feel free to email me.

I hope it's easier for you to calculate the days between dates.

I also make other small tools like the Spacebar Counter. You can review all the software I have developed on this page. See you.

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