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Factorial Calculator is a free online tool that will calculate the factorial of any natural number (i.e., positive integer) quickly and accurately. By calculating factorial, you will discover that ıt can find out the multiplication of 1 with all other natural numbers.

Have you ever tried to calculate a factorial by hand? 

I sure haven’t! 

I remember taking Math in middle school and my teacher telling us about how to find the factorial of a number. 

There was something called the “factorial sign” that looked like an exclamation point, but it meant a different thing. 

So whether you had to memorize the factorial signs as part of your homework or are just looking for a fun way to kill time without social media, 

I hope this calculator is helpful.

The factorial numbers are the product of multiplying all the whole numbers between 1 and a given whole number. 

The first few factorial numbers are 1 x 2 x 3 x 4 = 24, 2 x 3 x 4 x 5 = 120, 3 x 4 x 5 x 6 = 720, etc. 

These numbers are either 1 more than the previous factorial (e.g., 4) or 1 less that previous factorials (e.g., 8), but the differences get bigger with each value.

The name Christian Kramp may not sound familiar, but I'm sure that you have heard about his greatest discovery. 

He is the man who figured out that there is no end to the factorial number series (if you know what a factorial is, then you know what I am talking about). 

If he never figured out what he did, the study of mathematics would be nowhere near what it is today.

The early numbers were simple fractions, but then people began to realize that they could be represented as the product of two or more numbers. 

So, how do you find out if there is a number which is the product of two numbers? 

The 1st person to notice that there was a pattern in the way that these numbers worked (that is why they are called "factorial" numbers) was him.

Other Best Mathematicians

A good mathematician is not born, but made. 

The environment of the mathematician is as important as he/she influences it. 

Mathematical ability has no limits. Until proven otherwise, mathematicians are always a mystery for common people around us. 

We all know people who are good at math and those who hate math and numbers. 

I cannot talk about the difference between mathematicians and non-mathematicians because I have no idea about the inner world of others.

Terry Tao 

Born in 1975, Terry Tao earned a B.Sc from UWaterloo (in Math and Physics) and a PhD from Princeton. 

He won the prestigious Fields medal in 2014 and was named by Time Magazine as one of the 100 most influential people of 2018. 

To date, he has over 370 math papers to his name, 111 of which have been published this year.

Grigori Perelman

Grigori Perelman has been recognized for his work by the Academia Sinica (Taiwan), by the United States National Academy of Sciences, and most recently by an invitation to join the renowned mathematical sciences research institute Institute for Advanced Study. 

He is also a member of the International Mathematical Union. In 2010 he received France's highest decoration: Chevalier de la Légion d'honneur (Knight of the Legion of Honor).

Georg Cantor 

Georg Ferdinand Ludwig Philipp Cantor (3 January 1845 – 6 January 1918) was a German mathematician, best known as the inventor of set theory, which has become a fundamental theory in mathematics. 

He was educated at a gymnasium in Darmstadt and later the University of Berlin. In 1874 he gained his doctorate with a dissertation written under Ferdinand von Lindemann.


Hypatia (Greek: Ὑπατια or Ἵπατια; fl. c. AD 360, died 415) was a Greek mathematician, astronomer, and philosopher in Egypt, then a part of the Byzantine Empire. She was the head of the Neoplatonic school at Alexandria, where she taught philosophy and astronomy.

Alan Turing

Alan Turing (1912 – 1954) was a remarkable mathematician and scientist who had widely-ranging interests. 

He is most famous for the "Turing Machine" , an abstract thought experiment which paved the way for computer science as we know it today. 

He was also one of the key figures behind the breaking of the Nazi enigma code during World War II.

Isaac Newton

Isaac Newton was born on December 25, 1642. He has been described as an intellectual giant who remained an enigma to the end of his life. 

His accomplishments marked a new era in the history of science

The 20th century was named for this scientist, who studied mathematics, economics, and astronomy among other topics in order to describe the universe. 

Isaac Newton changed the way we look at everything from how light travels through space to what goes on inside planets and stars.

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