Flip a Coin 100 Times: The Easiest Way to Make a Decision

Do you need to make a difficult decision? Are the good and bad sides almost equal? Then flip a coin 100 times can help you decide.

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Because sometimes it's really hard to make a decision. The main reason for this is the abundance of options. And the uncertainty caused by the consequences of the elections makes it difficult to make decisions.

The longer you postpone a decision, the harder you are facing a decision.

At such times, flipping a coin can make its job easier. Because the decision is made by coins, not you. The consequences of the decision can be good or bad. But since the consequences are caused by a coin, it is easier to fold.

Our resistance to the consequences caused by others is higher than against the problems we cause.

Another situation in which toss is used in conflict with other people.

Is your brother going to the grocery store or is it you? The easiest way to make this decision is to throw a coin into the air.

The probability that makes this method so powerful is 50%. It doesn't give anyone an advantage. Both sides are equally close to winning and losing.

The statistical research conducted also supports this view. Flip a coin 100 times and, when we record the results, we see that we have a half chance.If you are also having trouble making a decision, you can use this tool. The data you click is recorded. If you want, you can reset it from the button below.

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