Fortnite Thumbnail Ideas & Wallpapers

September 21, 2023
FORTNITE Thumbnail collection is a collection of free, high quality, fortnite related thumbnails. The material in this pack can be used for different purposes such as presentations, documentation or youtube videos. 

All the images are premium and that is why you will not find them elsewhere online for free.

Fortnite Thumbnail Ideas

Millions of players are constantly playing it. Your average player spends over two hours on a single battle. 

Fortnite is an online video game developed and published by Epic Games. 

It is a multiplayer game where up to four players team up in groups of two to complete challenges, like building structures or slaying monsters. 

It was first released on July 25, 2017. Such a popular game has to have thumbnails that catch the attention of everyone who views it.

Why do you need a video thumbnail?

You know that “thumbnail” video you just uploaded? What is it? A still image of your video to help people see that there’s an actual video there? 

That might be all you really need, but if you want to grab more attention from viewers, maybe you should think about creating a custom thumbnail for your video. 

An effective video thumbnail can do wonders for your video. 

A lot of things have to go right in order to generate a view for a video on YouTube, and one of those items is finding and clicking on the thumbnail. 

Why is Fortnite so popular?

The surge of interest and hype around Fortnite in its first week was unlike anything we’ve seen before. 

It wasn’t just that there were more people talking about the game, it was that there were more people playing the game, too. 

According to our estimates, the launch of Fortnite on Android alone added 4.2 million new players to the player base in just three days. 

This represented a 25 per cent increase in the total number of players playing Fortnite (up to 14 million active players).

Fortnite Characters

There are four difficulties in Fortnite. Starting off with the easiest one being “Save The World” then moving on to “Fortnite Battle Royale”. 

Then there is pro for those experienced and competitive players that take their gaming seriously. There is also Creative Mode, 

Creative is not in a difficult sense but this is where you have more building and creation options, yes it is still called fort nite 🙂 .

Here are some characters



Lexa is a fortnite character who is one of the members of the storm knights pack she is a level one outlaw. Her featured weapons are Suppressed Assault Rifle and Burst Assault Rifle which are both suppressed weapons and are good for bursts for close quarters combat. 

Her Burst Assault Rifle has often been compared to the combat medic Combat rifle because of its low recoil and fast firing rate.



Everyone loves Fortnite. Everyone is talking about Fortnite. Everyone can't stop playing Fortnite. And everyone in the world knows and loves "Reese," the newest Fortnite character. But what they don't know is that there's more to Reese than just his meme-able face and his stellar dance moves. 

Okay, well maybe they do now, but I'll tell you anyway because I'm utterly compelled to do so and have a really hard time keeping my feelings to myself.


I’ll tell you my story in a minute, but first let me show you exactly why Menance is the best fortnite character in the game. In his current state, he can easily take out three opponents with ease, and a single shot of his shotgun is enough to take out any enemy fortnite character.



Mancake is a guy who wears a big plate as a helmet, he is a very useful guy in the game. Mancake can take down any building quickly and efficiently. He is so good that he even has some fortnite fans drawing mama cake pictures for him like a mascot. Mancake is big and strong that it's the most powerful character in fortnite


Maverick, or as we more commonly know him, Mav, is one of the most iconic players in Fortnite Battle Royale. The character is incredibly popular among players all around the world. He brings overall comfort and an element of fun to the game, thus allowing many players to push themselves a lot further than they would have been willing to without him.


Many know Fortnite as a game about building defensive forts and fighting off waves of minions. But there is much more behind the wall. The creation of one character in particular, Kondor, is very interesting.

Any entertainment or Event is incomplete without its Wallpapers. 

The entertainment industry has created many Games and Series that are enjoying the attention of people worldwide. 

These games are becoming more popular and well known by the day. They are used to spending a few minutes alone to stay connected with them. Even your children spend much time with them as they love these Games. 

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