Random Funny Text to Speech for Discord

Have a laugh with our funny text to speech for Discord. Whatever the occasion may be, or you just want to irritate your friends. The text to speech plugin allows you to select multiple voices and even change the speed to make them sound more realistic. You can find all the latest and best Text to Speech text right here.

What do you do if you're bored at work, but you have some free time to indulge in some humor?

Do you visit a comedy site and watch a video of someone slipping on a banana peel? 

Maybe you go steam punk for the day and eat lunch with a cowbell, or maybe you just download Random Funny Text to Speech and enjoy listening to bots laugh at your text messages. 

Whatever you choose to do, make sure those bots don't start talking back, that's never good.

This funny text to speech collection was created for you guys. All you need to do is push the purple button to get your text. If you think it is not so funny just hit the button again. You will find your funny text. 

Other Speech Apps

Have you ever tried to listen and read something at the same time? It's hard work, isn't it? That's why I love text-to-speech applications so much. 

For people who don't like reading, the application is a real blessing, and for those who do, it's an equally useful tool when it comes to all those tedious hours of studying. 

You can use them to boost your productivity without any extra effort.

Here are some examples

Replica Studio

Replica Studio is a technology company that specializes in developing extremely realistic artificial intelligence (AI) voices. 

According to the source, their AI model learns how to perform by copying the unique speech patterns, pronunciation, and emotional range. Consequently, when processed on the appropriate hardware and combined with an advanced lip-sync algorithm, the team was able to create a convincing audio illusion of real speech.

Google Translate Speech

When Google translation software was first introduced, most people could not believe the idea of machine translation. 

Time has passed and Google is now leading the machine learning sector again. Google’s new addition is to translate speech from one language into another. Google Translate now allows real-time speech translation. 

You can hear one language and speak it in another language without having to type anything on your phone or computer. Here’s a look at what Google has in store for us users.

These are cool apps but text speech in Discord generally used for fun purposes. Discord allows you to manage huge communities. 

According to recent news Discord will add a new sound feature to race with Clubhouse. I do not know it is cool as ethical issues but I’m wondering how discord users will use this amazing feature. 

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