How Old I Am? Find Out Your Exact Age!

September 21, 2023
Our age changes every day, every minute. If you're asking yourself how old I am, this tool is for you.


When someone asks you about your age, it may not be possible to answer that quickly because our generation is constantly changing.  

Unfortunately, it is not possible to stay for a long time at a certain age.  

Our age changes every day, every minute.  If you're asking yourself how old I am, this tool is for you.

As I mentioned above, calculating age can be a complicated problem. When calculating my age, should I start from the day I was born or after completing my first year? Because when I was born, I was zero years old.  

Therefore, if I subtract the year I was born from the current year, I would calculate my age as one year older.  

As you can see, heads are a bit confused.  

How Old I Am?

If you don't want to deal with this confusion, I've developed an excellent tool for you.

I would like to explain how the age calculator works.

Enter your date of birth in the first row on the panel. The second row will be automatically selected as the current date. Then click the calculate button.

You will instantly know how long you have been alive in months, years, and days.

If you wonder how old you are within a specific date range, you can change the current date to whatever date you want.

For example, take a look at one of the old photos on Instagram, and you can dive into the good memories of the past.
If you wonder how old that photo was when it was taken, you can see the date the image was posted. Fortunately, Instagram now specifies the exact date the photos were taken. This feature was not yet added until it reached one billion users.

How primitive the practice is when compared to the current version even three years ago. Technology is changing very quickly, and the mobile applications we use every day become more perfect over the years. Maybe three years later, Instagram will be much more advanced than it is today.

I hope you answer the "how old I am" problem with this little web application.

Even I learned my age exactly using the software I developed. I thought I was 27, but I was 28. I was going to turn 29 on the 4th of July.

Before I hit the 30s, I have a lot of things to add to my to-do list.

If you have big goals for the rest of your life, first of all, it will be motivating information to find out exactly how much time you have spent in the world so far.

When I realized I was this old, I realized that I did not have the luxury of procrastinating to do what I had to do.

In the meantime, I want to give a little information about age and time concepts. Famous physicist Einstein is right. Time is a relative concept.

In my early 20s, time was passing very slowly. At the age of 12, time seemed almost endless. However, I can say that months before I was 29, time is passing faster now.

As we get older, the speed of time increases exponentially.

I am still at a young age. However, thanks to this knowledge, I have learned about the nature of time, I will try to use my remaining time more efficiently.

Though, none of us know how much time we have left. We can only make an estimate based on our average life expectancy and health insurance coverage.

In the future, health insurers can give a guarantee of age. Peter Thiel, one of the founders of Paypal, expects a tremendous increase in human life shortly.

The famous billionaire uses his fortune from Paypal to invest in companies working on this issue.


I think that much general cultural knowledge is enough. You don't need to do math calculations on your fingers to believe how old you are anymore. Thanks to the small web application I shared above, you will find the answer to the "how old I am" question.

The results provide one hundred percent accuracy. However, if you still get results that are too far from the truth, please contact me on the website contact screen. Generally, I tested it on the most used internet browsers. However, if you are using a web browser that is rarely used, you may run into minor problems.

In the coming days, I intend to launch the feature of sharing how old you are.

If you are using Instagram, I'm sure you can see the filters created in the form of questions and answers.

Among these tests, there is a filter called how old do I look. This filter uses a simple javascript code. Perhaps ages are automatically uploaded as PNG or SVG. When the time set by the Random Picker feature is exceeded, a result appears. If this result is below the person’s age using the filter, we usually come across a joyful Instagram story. But if the result is the opposite, usually, the record containing the filter is not shared by users.

These days it's almost impossible to estimate a person's age from their appearance. Plastic surgery has improved a lot. And now, people with average income increase their beauty with tiny operations.

It was almost impossible for middle-class people working in a typical job to buy such beauty operations in the 90s. However, the number of trained doctors has increased, and standards applicable to the technologies used have come.

Plus, people look younger than they are as a result. In developed countries such as South Korea, people start to perform plastic surgery at a very young age.

We cannot understand how old the person is from the image, but if you know the date of birth, we can find out the exact age thanks to this tiny tool I developed.

There's no rational reason why we wonder about someone's real age, but we still do.

If you like the age calculator, I recommend you to check the page with all my tools. I share a new tool every week.

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